Chevy Cruze Car Configurator



Automotive CGI

Working with my knowledge and skills to create a 3D image by rendering and compositing all aspects of the CG elements together. Specializing in modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting, and rendering for photorealistic images in a fast pase environment. Using programs like Maya, Nuke and Photoshop to composite multi-pass rendered images in Mental Ray or Vray.

Virtual Reality (VR)

With some of the most greatest advancements in technology, VR is the most popular expanding industries today. I have experience creating Automotive VR artwork and visual scripting in real-time game engine like the Unreal Engine that are becoming standard in the VR applications of tomorrow.


3D Modeling, Lighting, Shading & Renderings

I have 3+ years experience creating 3D artwork and can produce, refine and render photo-real products and environments. As a 3D Modeler I understand how to make your model look gorgeous. I have outstanding skills in the designing of high poly modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering and can make your project look amazing.

Product Imaging & Illustrations

Everybody needs their product or Illustration to be designed and presented in a professional way.  I can create high-quality product visualizations, designs, renderings, drawing and Illustrations. The ability to work with both PC’s and Mac’s and experience in the Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud is something I’m very efficient at. Product renderings, page layout, logos, and designs is what I do everyday.


Graphic Design & Print

Do you need a logo or a design printed ? How about a graphic or custom branding of a product?  I have a strong knowledge of printing, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to help me create eye-catching artwork that reflects your product or brand.